I'm glad you find it useful. A little tip, you do not need to modify the nodes of each path separately. Select both objects with the selection tool, and then, using the node editing tool, you can select shared nodes of both paths making a selection box around the nodes (click and drag around)

El 10/08/13 14:12, Maurice van Peursem escribió:
Thanks Alejandro,

I'm new to Inkscape, and this is indeed very 
helpful. I have yet to learn how to use all the 
path-modifying options. The only disadvantage is 
that once separated, you get 2 border paths that 
you will have to edit both is you want to change 
the border later. But this is good start.


may be a solution, but do not know if it will be 
useful. For maps, you can trace the area around 
it, and then draw a line for the "frontiers". 
Then select both lines, and use the option 
"division" from path menu. I send an attached 
file with an example (quite horrible to see, but 
hopefully explanatory)

El 10/08/13 13:33, Robert Funnell escribió:


You may want to look at the thread on making maps from last May:


Unless things have changed, the answer is that for now it's better to
maintain maps with some other tool.

- Robert

On Sat, 10 Aug 2013, Maurice van Peursem wrote:

Thanks, this helps a little. But the rectangle is
only an example, the drawing I'm working on is
more complicated. Take for instance the map of
Europe, with all coutries painted in a different
color. The path-segments on each border belong to
two paths, around the two bordering countries.
Now if I want to edit that border, I would like
to edit only one path. Is that possible? Or do I
have to draw each border twice?

Thanks for the help.
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