I'm working a bit for the wiki while I'm discovering Inkscape architecture. I've made the following page (http://wiki.inkscape.org/wiki/index.php/Clipboard) but there is also this page (http://wiki.inkscape.org/wiki/index.php/ClipBoard) which is in fact a discussion (but can looks like a documentation page as soon as there is only a "discussion" tag at the end of the page).

This is symptomatic of the fact the wiki is mixing discussions and actual Inkscape state. Both are important but if we keep this way of working (maybe its an inheritance of old ages??) it's not very clear.

Question 1: is there guidelines of the Wiki usage, page naming and how to handle discussions vs reality?

The idea is to not lock page names for discussions. To do this, categories or templates are not usefull.

We can have to solutions:
  1. Each wiki page can have a discussion page (which name is "Talk"), is it a better place to use them for discussion and the "normal" page for state of the art? Of course at the begining there would be lot of topics that don't have a 'normal' page already, but at the end I imagine the aim is to have a complete user/developper/translator documentation.
  2. We can end to each discussion page title with " (discussion)"
I think we have an issue by not differencing discussions and documentation (there is simply a category but at the bottom of the page).

Question 3: what do you think about those solutions?

Question 4: Can anyone tell me whether this discussion is still consistent with actual development?

(I've seen that Kris is tagging pages with 'Outdated' and 'DevDiscussion' tags, it's a good first step for refactoring!)

Thanks for your interest,

Romain de Bossoreille