I like LPE! A lot!

Cusps like these are a delight in typography and graphic work and usually have to be outlined by hand. On the other hand, I understand Rob, too, since these cusps 'cheat a little' to provide a nice optical effect and might not resonate in technical applications. Is it possible to have both?

Looking at the nice explanation you submitted, the mirror axis is perpendicular to the tangent, right? How would mirroring come out on the middle point on a curve like this: { (a curly brace)? (I am imagining something, and think it would look very lovely, and provide unique miter, but I might be wrong, as usual)


On 12-02-25 23:55 , Johan Engelen wrote:
Hi all,
  I've been working on cusps on powerstroked paths. And I've obtained a first success. The attached picture shows a comparison between how powerstroke strokes thick cusps, and how Inkscape does it normally (I suppose according to SVG spec). I think the powerstroke solution is more artistically pleasing, what do you think? :-)


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