On 6/29/2011 9:36 AM, Tőkés Ábel wrote:

Ok, I felt safe, Inkscape has eps as saving format, anyway it is used in the open source world usually, so let's try...
After a minute or so, I get the following error message:
File D:\kepek\WorldMap\SemilabWorldMap2c.eps could not be saved.

I tried to turn the original BlankMap-World6.svg to eps, it works fine. I used the same settings for both:

I found a solution in the meantime: decreased the size of the svg. I mean the page size, and the size of the drawing in mm units.
Of course the file size remained the same. I don't know why eps export has limitations of the page size, but now that the page and drawing width is only 685 mm, instead of the original 2740, the drawing was exported to eps without problem, and the result looks the same as the svg in inkscape.

However, I am not fully satisfied, as the svg file is just 1.6 Mb (already quite big), the tif is 1.8 Mb (still bearable, but not vector), but the resulting eps is 4.5 Mb. Is this an unavoidable drawback of eps, or a weakness of eps export of Inkscape, or do I do something wrong?