Donn wrote:
On Tuesday 15 December 2009 02:47:11 Rob Antonishen wrote:
Have you ever tried Xara to see
how it integrates vector/raster editing?

I had a stab at xara a couple of years ago, but since the whole 'closed 
kernel' controversy and many developers leaving ship, I gave up on it. I far 
prefer fropen source apps.

What did xara sport? What did you experience with it?

I tried the free Xara version on Ubuntu, but although it has a few features
Inkscape doesn't have, I absolutely prefer Inkscape. The handling of the splines
alone is so amazing.
Personally, I mix bitmaps and Inkscape quite often. I often wish that Gimp 
could embed inside Inkscape and vice-versa. I wish the two could also embed 
into Blender.

I would love to see that happen as well.


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