On Jul 26, 2008, at 8:19 AM, bulia byak wrote:

Wow, are you saying I have to calculate this coefficient to 1e-4

precision and type it into prefs, just in order to suppress a warning?

No. I'm adding that calculation to be included in the warning itself.

I may have missed the explanation (sorry), but I still don't

understand what the specific benefit of these warnings is. If they

just tell me that Inkscape is running slow, then thank you very much

but I can feel that very well without any warnings. Can they be used

to pinpoint where exactly the slowness happens in the code? If so how,

and how is it better than profiling?

What it will do is flag things when events start to pile up, and list to what degree they are getting delayed. It can be *very* useful for things such as checking how different display options, filter settings, etc. affect things.

Mental can list more details of the usefulness, since he's the one who added it to begin with.