Hi everybody,

I'm a french user, writing in english like i can, sorry by advance :)

I'm trying since many days to install inkscape on my gentoo webserver, but i was not sure it was possible.

Today i found this doc :
describing how to install inkscape-0.44 on gentoo like i want, and i try, but result is :

!!! Couldn't download 'baselayout-1.12.10.tar.bz2'. Abor
 * Fetch failed for 'sys-apps/baselayout-1.12.10-r5'
 * Messages for package sys-apps/baselayout-1.12.10-r5:
 * Fetch failed for 'sys-apps/baselayout-1.12.10-r5'

I had this problem 3 days ago, but after many manipulations and the emergements of  depedencies, and the ./configure installation of 0.46 version via a tar.gz file, this had finished to happen. My problem of yesterday, about what i have post in the inkscape forum, was :

I am not sure but it seems that inkscape can be installed on a remote web server, mine is a gentoo linux kernel (OVH release 2). I just want to be able to use the inkscape --export-... command lines on my webserver, cause it is the better svg to pdf (print quality) converter i found.
Isn't it ?

I am trying :
emerge inkscape (wouhou !... oho...)
it needs a lot of other things, emerge, emerge, or install from tar.gz, and all seems ok now, except for a package :
No package 'giomm-2.4' found

i don't found it with emerge, i found many occurences of the files contents of 'giomm-2.4', and, reading, i understood it is a part of glibmm-2.15 and of newer versions of glibmm (if i understood) here :
http://www.murrayc.com/blog/permalink/2 ... -gio-in-c/
But my glibmm is : (emerge --search glibmm )
Latest version available: 2.14.2
Latest version installed: 2.14.2
On this web server, i have apache 2, php, mysql running for my clients, i am a little afraid to modify its config. Before trying to install inkscape, i had verified if i can, and how install inkscape on my web server in guides and forums.

I don't know a lot of things about linux, and about webservers... i know a little, and i learn a lot.

So can you tell me if what i try is possible, or if not, if you know another (free) way to convert svg to pdf (with embedded free fonts) on my webserver ?


Now i ask me "Need I really giomm-2.4" to use only inkscape command lines, and is it possible to install inkscape without it ??

Please, help me, or tell me who can perhaps help me,
Thanks a lot, regards

David Mourvillier