heathenx wrote:
Claus Cyrny wrote the following on 6/15/2007 12:31 AM:
Hi all,

since I didn't get any response to my first query, I have
to post this again, since the problem is still there:

After installing Inkscape 0.45 from the autopackage,
Inkscape freezes when I try to invoke the text tool (both
by means of the shortcut and the button). Did anyone
else experience this, and is there a fix of some kind for
this problem?




have you tried uninstalling, deleting any leftover inkscape directories and reinstalling?

I just did that, but the problem remains! :-( Could there possibly be a text-related
library, which is not included in the autopackage, and which is not updated on my
Ubuntu (still using "Breezy").

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