Please help me out here if I don't understand.  (I'm an engineer not an artist)  You have a 2D drawing/graphics application -> "Inkscape".  To assist you in drawing 2D with depth (quasi third dimension) you want a tool to draw and modified the reference lines easily so you can get on with the artistic part.

This seems straight forward enough.  You'll need to store this new class data during use (until no longer required).  Has anyone started the class development?  Why don't we create and implement a simple frame work and see how it works.  Then we can develop it more after an initial evaluation.

MenTaLguY wrote:
On Fri, 30 Mar 2007 13:08:00 -0400, "bulia byak" <> wrote:
A VP without a box is no more useful than a gradient handle on canvas
without an obejct wit this gradient :)

I dunno -- I think there are two use-cases here:

 * One, we really just want the 3d box as a framework for whatever drawing we're doing.  Boxes are great here.

 * Alternately, we want just the VPs and resulting perspective grid for the sake of drawing features in perspective "freehand".  For that purpose, a box is just in the way.

Also, while I don't think boxes are a bad idea, I'm less comfortable with the idea of adding more 3d primitives -- there's a lot of potential for scope creep.  Where do we stop, exactly?  Should we support lighting?  Import of arbitrary triangle meshes?  Import of color and finish (e.g. diffuse versus specular) information?  Mesh editing?  Camera focal length settings?

All of those are pretty cool features which could conceivably be implemented, and I can't really think of a good argument against implementing any one of them.  So we need to think if that's the direction we really want to go.  Maybe it is, but then we need to think carefully about how to do that without compromising our goals as a 2d _SVG_ editor.


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