It can be a little dangerous to correlate the amount of money put into interface research or funding of university research with Interface Usability. Many of the big commercial software developers conduct research in such a way as to justify their UI and it is well known that university research is often pulled toward the objectives of the fundholder. Bottom line with UI Usability is that no one interface will be all things to all people and the flexibility to provide an unconstrained user-customisable UI is (as far as I have seen) still an aspiration.

jmak wrote:
On 1/29/07, bulia byak <> wrote:

This is one way to look at it. I personally prefer taking advise from
those who have already proven themselves rather than from amateurs or
recreational users. Big difference. But beyond user experience, did
you know that companies put lots of money into interface research.
Some even fund university research projects to help improving the user
experiences of their products. This is the other reason why worth
looking at the ways commercial apps solve interface issues.



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