Tavmjong Bah wrote:
On Wed, 2007-01-03 at 07:22 -0600, Aaron Spike wrote:

And lastly if the tooth profiles are important to you, please check out
lib2geom. lib2geom is a 2d geometry toolkit being developed for use in
inkscape. I've written a little toy program for generating gears with
proper involute tooth profiles. These gears still lack the proper
undercutting or addendum modifications for gears with small numbers of

Playing with gears looked like too much fun to ignore. I've used Aaron's
python routine to make some gears that I have animated for a clock. See:

Wow! This is absolutely what I am looking for (although not
animated). Actually I got inspired to make gears when taking
a look at gallery section of the web site of Xara Xtreme, which
is as to my understanding being developed with the Inkscape
team. This detailed clock is really amazing, and I wonder if
this isn't possible using Inkscape.


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