Hi  Aaron,

many thanks for your tips. I'll look into the stuff you attached
to your email.


Aaron Spike wrote:
Claus Cyrny wrote:

I would like to know if there is a tutorial on how to create
gears in Inkscape (I am still using 0.42, but would like to
update as soon as I have the new Ubuntu release installed).
At the Inkscape web site I only found several links to Youtube
videos, but none of those was what I was looking for.




Real involute gears? or just artisticly pleasing gears?

You can make simple gearish shapes by combining a star and two circles
with boolean operations. See attached svg.

I wrote a python script to generate gears that are somewhat more
mathematically correct, but it still lacks the proper involute curve for
the tooth profiles. See the attached python script.

And lastly if the tooth profiles are important to you, please check out
lib2geom. lib2geom is a 2d geometry toolkit being developed for use in
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