I've created a development site for the ocal interface at


There's not much there yet, of course, but the prototype code is up and the web interface to the SVN repository should be browsable soon (it isn't now, but that may be a setup delay thing).  Bugs, etc. should be filed there.  I've updated the wiki; Michael, David and Matthew, you guys may want to add links to your development pages too.


On 6/26/05, Michael Wybrow <mjwybrow@cs.mu.oz.au> wrote:
On Sat, 25 Jun 2005, Bryce Harrington wrote:
> Greg, Michael, David, and Matthew, I would also like to encourage you to
> post your proposals publically for the rest of the Inkscape community to
> see; they're quite good.  :-)


Thankyou to Bryce, John Cliff and anyone else involved in the selection
process.  I'm looking forward to spending the next couple of months
adding connectors to Inkscape.  My proposal can be found here:

I'd be happy to keep a development blog.  It seems like a neat idea, and a
good way of tracking progress.