An additional ten seconds of thought has revealed that there are already plenty of python extensions with gtk interfaces, so the issue I mentioned is old ground.  Never mind!

On 6/25/05, Greg Steffensen <> wrote:
Many thanks to the reviewers and to the developers who have already given valuable technical feedback on this list; my proposal isn't breathtaking in its technical ambition, but I think its a valuable real world feature that Inkscape-the-product will benefit from.  I look forward to becoming the least tan student on campus. 
I've added a link to my proposal from the wiki.  It contains a link to my prototype code, but that's just there for historians; I'm getting a new Berlios site for my project (as opposed to sharing one, as it does now).  And I'm definitely interested in using the blogging system you guys are setting up; what should I do?
Also, my proposal states that my project will be implemented in python, which I think is clearly preferrable to c for something like this.  That means it'll require the PyGTK bindings, which I'm worried will be a hassle for most windows users.  There's things I can do to get around that; should I worry about it?
On 6/25/05, Bryce Harrington < > wrote:
Hi all,

Google has made the final selections for their Summer of Code and sent
out the notifications.  The following four applications were selected
for Inkscape:

Topic                Applicant
Connectors         - Michael Wybrow
Inkboard           - David Yip
OCAL Interface     - Greg Steffensen
DXF Import/Export  - Matthew Squires

Of course, I was really hoping we could have a few more, because there
were several other extremely good proposals for Connectors,
Cairoification, libpdf from Scribus, a Genetics Algorithm based tracer,
and much more.  You can imagine how much discussion and debate that the
reviewers have had this past week; it's been a very tough decision
process.  However, these four projects will provide Inkscape with some
new strengths and new capabilities for our users.

The prioritization process that the reviewers used in evaluating the
applications weighed a number of factors to reach their decisions,
including: The quality of the application, the background of the
applicant and their familiarity with the subject matter, the importance
of the feature to Inkscape, whether the effort would result in something
of tangible benefit in the time available, and whether we felt the
applicant had a strong likelihood of completing the effort successfully.

Regarding mentors, we've not yet finalized on who will mentor which
efforts, but there are several developers who have expressed interest in
mentoring or whom I think would make good fits to the topics.
Simarilius and I will be contacting these people over the next day or
two and finalize the arrangements.  In the meantime, Sim and I can field

Greg, Michael, David, and Matthew, I would also like to encourage you to
post your proposals publically for the rest of the Inkscape community to
see; they're quite good.  :-) You're welcome to use the Inkscape wiki if
you do not have a website of your own.  In any case, please post your
links on this page:

If you're interested, a few folks are setting up software for you to use
for blogging about your work as well.

Also, if you're not already, please join the inkscape-devel@ list; we
use that list for darn near all our technical discussion.

Thanks, and welcome aboard!