In light of our previous attempt at the task of converting as many gbooleans to bools as possible (resulted in inkscape crashing in various circumstances), we've decided to go for a more incremental approach.  I'll change a few and commit, and wait a few days for possible bugs to appear.  This time around I'm also taking it much more slowly, carefully.  I don't expect to have as many problems as we had before.

This commit only converts 33 gbooleans to bools (also changes lots of TRUE and FALSE to true and false).  This isn't too many though, and I've looked at each rather carefully, so it should be fine.

However, it would still be good to have some testing done to be sure.  Here are the sections which are modified, possibly inducing bugs:

Undo-System: If the modifications screwed up, then this would pick up on actions that are supposed to be ignored, making the next hit of "Undo" likely do nothing, or crash, or undo something its not supposed to.  To see these specific places do a search on all the code for sp_document_set_undo_sensitive.

SVG/XML:  Screwing this up should be pretty obvious. Hopefully.

Just remember this if something goes wrong in the next few days.