Yup. That's it. Got InkScape 0.39. Will be expecting v0.40 eagerly! Thanks!

MenTaLguY wrote:
On Wed, 2004-10-27 at 15:13, Joshua A. Andler wrote:
Forgive me if this sounds like a newbie question but where the heck
the layer controls???
(not a newbie question at all given the current state of how layers

The last official build (.39) did not have layer controls (and if it
did, I don't know where they are).

The layer selector in the status bar was present in 0.39 also, actually,
though normally disabled.  It'd only be enabled if you were editing
inside a group (right click on a group, select the "edit group..."

The truth is that we had the layer infrastructure finished for 0.39, but
the UI is taking much longer. :/

I believe a layer dialog is due for the next official release (.40)
which is due in the next couple weeks. (correct me if I'm wrong guys)

At this point it doesn't look like the layers dialog will be finished in
time for 0.40, though all of the normal layer operations will be
available via the layers menu and the layer selector.