On Apr 25, 2009, at 10:55 AM, Krzysztof KosiƄski wrote:

I have completed converting the Tango icon set made by Jesusda to discrete

icons. The only missing icons are in the geometry tool (which doesn't seem

to work anyway), but I'll add them shortly. Should I make it the default for


Just remember, as has been mentioned a few times, once the cleanup of the icon code is finished, those hundreds of discrete files will be moved out of the main distribution (and into a separate module to aid theme authors).

The key point here is that none of the functionality will be removed, in fact even more functionality will be going in. The main takeaway is that instead of removing existing mechanism A to add new mechanism B, we are getting full support for mechanism A, and mechanism B and mechanism C.

The net effect is that Inkscape will start with it's own icons, but *if* a distro adds custom icons, then it will use those. Next, if a system administrator adds application specific icons, then Inkscape will use those instead. And finally if an end user installs icons (either discrete icon files or single icons.svg) in the proper user directory for system wide or application specific icons, then that specific user will see Inkscape use those instead. (details are going up on the wiki this weekend)

Krzysztof had fixed a few of the lingering bugs for SPIcon and for some of the newer GtkIconTheme support, and I'm almost done purging the outdated stock image code and restoring the needed GtkIconTheme theme use.