On Sep 5, 2007, at 1:05 PM, bulia byak wrote:

Yes. Or, like I said, just separate path and color tweaking into

different tools. I would do that except that I want Jon to make the

vertical toolbar clippable first, otherwise it's already too tall.

Yup. Definitely on the short list of top TODOs.

There are a few places where things are wired directly to widgets, instead of having some encapsulation. Once those are cleaned up it will be easy to get the vertical toolbar functioning like the others

For this tool I think that the brush radius as well as the forces and

fidelity parameters convey more of a qualitative feel (brush big/

small, force high/low/medium, fidelity high/low etc.) and the actual

values don't really matter. So maybe the spin buttons could be turned

into sliders, since there is enough space on the toolbar currently.

If you want to keep the quantitative information sliders similar to

those used in for the snapping distance in the preferences could be

used. But I really think that a simple slider, maybe with "clicks"

every 10 steps or so would be sufficient and more appropriate (and it

is an user of Inkscape for precision drawings who speaks!). In fact

that would probably be true for many other spin buttons in other

tools, in the calligraphy tool in particular, but their toolbar's are

already quite full and a spin button is the most space effective widget.

Agreed, but this needs some support from Jon too. Jon, can you

implement a way to optionally represent the spinbutton toolbar control

as a slider?

Yes. At least one of the types is set up for doing a presentation hint for how to manifest the widget. It's not hard to do slider vs. spinbutton.