I thought I had fixed this bug, but it is back again. (it only happens for combined paths with closed paths in it right?)
Hope to fix it soon.

From: [] On Behalf Of john cliff
Sent: woensdag 23 juli 2008 14:14
To: inkscape-devel
Subject: [Inkscape-devel] Bug in node tool?

Hi Guys,
            spotted this late last night and didnt get a chance to file a bug on it, writing this note so I dont forget completely.
Was playing with the node tool and found that there seems to be an indexing error (looks like an off by one type of thing)
where whenever you do click to add nodes or try to drag the curve it does it to the wrong line segment. 
so if you have
and double click between A&B you get a node between B&C
likewise if you try to drag to reshape it moves BC instead of AB.