I can confirm that flowed text does not work with masks.

Lucio, in the english version, you unflow text with Text->Unflow, or Shift-Alt-W

-Rob A>
Hi everybody, thanks for all the replies, and sorry if I'm not replying you, due to an exam I haven't got much free time.

Hystrix.. what do you mean with flowed text? And how to unflow it if necessary? please notice that I've got the italian version of inkscape. I wanted to switch to the english one, but I don't know how to do that as well.. !!

Thanks ROb for the example.. it is working, so that helped me understanding that my problem is nor a corrupted installation nor a wrong procedure. Can it be due to font choosen? I tried with many, though.. still no way.. as soon as I will have tried a little further, I will send you an example not working.

Thanks very much for your kind help!