Draw a black rectangle the same size as the bitmap.
Put your text on top of this, in white.

Group the black rectangle and the white text.

Select the image and the group, then Object->Mask->Set

This will give you the bitmap with the text "cut out" from it.

(You will have to release the mask to be able to edit the text in the group).

-Rob A>

On Sat, Jun 21, 2008 at 9:05 AM, loscotec@libero.itwrote:
Hello everybody!

Does anybody know how to use text as object-mask?

I need to cut a text in a picture so that the text would actually be transparent!

The goal is easily achieved converting text in path, and grouping it with a background, and then using it as a mask for the picture. But in this way I'm loosing the chance to change what is written in a second moment.

Reading some references, I saw that text objects should work as any other objects about masking, but they they don't.

What am I missing?