Hey Felipe, I forwarded some of the conversation I had with the Pango folks in case it helps.  One issue me right now is that I haven't done any specific research regarding SVG fonts (since that wasn't my project).  So I'm not completely familiar with what you need to do.

What I was going to do originally was simply to attempt getting Pango to be able to "store" information about more fonts, since the structures we are currently using in memory can't describe anything beyond what CSS can do.  The font-specification attribute I added to the style for text is a string generated by Pango and describes a font fully as a result.  If I could get Pango to be able to describe more fonts, then the font-specification would in turn be used to represent these fonts in XML (while including as much of the CSS attributes as possible for other programs or for Inkscape to fall back on).

I hope that helps clarify what's going on on my end...?


On Mon, May 12, 2008 at 10:54 PM, Felipe Sanches <felipe.sanches@gmail.com> wrote:
some months ago you told me:

"My initial reaction is that because you're depending
on so many bleeding-edge things there's quite a large risk that it
won't be possible for you to finish it over the summer, through no
fault of your own. I'll be much happier when I can see how Pango
integrates this stuff."

refering to pango integration with user-fonts.

Today, that is still one of my big doubts about how to proceed in my
SoC project.
Any new ideas about it?


On Mon, May 12, 2008 at 11:36 PM, Felipe Sanches
<felipe.sanches@gmail.com> wrote:
> 1.
>  "all text is output to libnr using livarot types, not using cairo"
>  Can you explain that in more detail? I'd like to know:
>  * what livarot types are.
>  * how does livarot distinguish from cairo
>  * does that mean we need to replace livarot? How to proceed?
>  2.
>  "Getting text layout to use Cairo for output rather than libnr."
>  Can you show me where does that output reside in the code?
>  3.
>  [09:51:42] <^-> [JucaBlues] so, I guess, we should have in the API a
>  way to provide pango with the metrics specified on svgfonts xml
>  attributes
>  [09:52:03] <^-> [JucaBlues] i mean kerning and stuff like that
>  [09:52:15] <cyreve> yeah which, now I think of it, is exactly what
>  gail is looking at
>  "Finding a way to get the user font through Pango. One (ugly)
>  possibility which comes to mind is to pretend to be sans-serif while
>  going through Pango and then do a fudge afterwards. Gail asked to be a
>  part of this discussion and she's more knowledgable than I am about
>  cleaner approaches which could be taken here, so I've CCed her"
>  I'm still feeling completely lost
>  Juca