Bob, this javafx-out.cpp/h is already on the SVN? Where can I take a look and compile it?

On Wed, Jul 30, 2008 at 5:46 PM, Bob Jamison <> wrote:

Got the output to at least compile on JavaFX.   Someone needs to look
at it and get the fill, stroke, and curves all tweaked.  But at least it's
outputting something that javafx doesn't choke on.

A good test, I think, is to load /share/clipart/tux.svg , save as tux.fx,
and see how it looks.


Bob Jamison wrote:
Just to help get started, I made an output class, JavaFXOutput, in
javafx-out.cpp/.h .   It does produce output, though it's not ready yet.
It needs to be tweaked/fixed/etc.  Anyone who wants to help, please
take a look.   It's very simple and easy to modify.

I adjusted both Makefile_insert and the Cmake files.   Anyone who
has a problem with compiling, please let me know.