On Dec 12, 2006, at 1:39 PM, Joshua A. Andler wrote:

Bryce Harrington wrote:
On Tue, Dec 12, 2006 at 09:59:16PM +0100, Flachland Tapir wrote:
Hi volks, 

Where else should I go if not here? To find out about the professionalism of Inkscape and Gimp I have started a research project called "OpenSource graphics software in the creative media sector". It would make me happy if you spend a few moments to fill in the questionnaire. You find all you need to know at: 

On your webpage you state the purpose of this survey is to prove:  "I
claim that the application in a professional workflow isn't mature
compared to proprietary software used in the CMS. The effort for
maintaining OSGS exceeds the costs & benefits you could save when using
free software."

Since your purpose is anti-Open Source, there seems little reason to
help you.

Hmmm... if his perspective really is anti-oss, well it sucks for him
that I didn't read that paragraph. I could care less when it comes to
anonymous surveys and what they use them for... so I skipped all the
"wordy" junk at the beginning and just filled it out truthfully.

Honestly, if he is anti-OSS, I find this to be a bizarre place to ask.
It's almost like going to a church and asking people if they believe in
God or not. They're probably there for a reason. :)


Consider that the surveys goal may be a weak attempt at some thing like we, at least in California, saw in the last election. Using fake surveys to promote a campaign view. Maybe Adobe or someone is trying to take this idea commercial. Just a thought.