Valerie VK wrote:
> No, I don't want Inkscape to mimick it (at all :S ). I just think it's an
> interesting case study. Opencanvas is actually a relatively simple program
> "that works". One interesting feature (that I don't want in Inkscape
> though :S ) is the "recording" of "events": basically for any finished
> work you can playback the whole process. Also interesting is the ability
> to automatically upload artworks (each process-playbackable) to its
> community page with just a few commands, where they can be judged and
> voted on.

Don't be surprised if you see event recording and playback in Inkscape
someday. Mental and a few others have been building the necessary
infrastructure to support this and a few other uses.

Aaron Spike

is this going to be something like the "action" on photoshop? where you can record  series of process. and applied the same process onto different object?


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