On May 20, 2006, at 2:33 PM, Alan Horkan wrote:

As is probably well known to everyone other than me, this is apparently

not possible because of GTK+ requirements and the installation failed.

Since Cairo was introducted in Gtk 2.8 support for Windows 9x was dropped

(although I'm sure if a developer was brave/foolish enough it woudl be

possible to revive but there isn't enough interest in old versions of

Windows anymore).  There are some hacks which might allow you to get

Inkscape running on older machines but I wouldn't recommend it, especially

not on someone elses machine.

More precisely it wasn't quite "dropped".

It's more that Win9x specific bugs came in and no developers have had time to go chase them down. "Dropped" might imply more of "oh, we've switched to the FooW() api, so you can't build for 9x anymore". This is actually more of "Yeah, there are some crashes happening in 9x now, feel free to track it down and send us fixes so we can include them."