Hello everybody,

I noticed that when I am exporting a figure in PDF format, the result is pretty dirty. All the contours are bigger than in my original figure. As a consequence, the text and every lines are deformed.

To read the pdf, I try xpdf, acroread 7, acrobat reader 6.0 (win) and the result is always the same. However, when I use gpdf (a very simple pdf viewver), the rendering is correct. Unfortunately, my figure aims to be use in a beamer presentation  which will be read with acrobat reader...

I also try to do an eps export then a pdf conversion (epstopdf) but in this case the colors change and the shape keeps on being not very cute.

Last thing : I use inkscape 0.44 on a ubuntu dapper distribution.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards.


PS: Sorry for my english writing.