On Jul 23, 2007, at 10:01 AM, Chris Lilley wrote:

DH> I'm glad you clarified that. Would I be correct in saying that the

DH> Inkscape people are hanging on for 1.2 before unleashing CMYK on us?

Only if they are hanging on for uncalibrated CMYK, ie CMYK that doesn't say what actual color is required.

For calibrated CMYK, its already there in the standard, so anyone can implement it.

Just in case people are tracking this, I figured I should mention that basic icc-color support is now in the current SVN sources. The internals got a good reworking and now I've gotten the UI to start showing up a bit.

So with a build from recent source one should be able to specify colors using an attached icc profile and have those values preserved in the SVG. To do true CMYK colors just hook in a profile for your target CMYK device and have at it.

I also just added simple display calibration correction.

Also, key guys on the Scribus team are aware of the progress, and will be addressing what's needed to handle a nice workflow. Of course, you'll have to hear from them on their timeframe, but I did get the impression that at least the initial end-to-end hookup won't be *too* difficult.