Sorry, found it!

My actual problem is I want to export a cross-hatched object to eps. I tried the pattern fill (create a small 45 degrees slanted line and Object->pattern it), but that doesn't export the fill at all. Now masking doesn't export the mask :(. Any ideas?

izak marais <> wrote:

I used to work in Corel draw 7.0 (now seven years old) before switching to inkscape. However there was one very powerful feature that I can't seem to emulate in inkscape: the so called 'Power clip'.

In Corel Draw you could place any object inside another object. For example I could design a complex vector drawing and then have the place the whole thing inside a circle so it's clipped as though I'm looking through a port-hole. You could even nest multiple power clips inside one another.

Is there some way to achieve this in inkscape? I know you can use object->pattern but that doesn't allow for fine control of positioning one object inside the other and it necessarily tiles the interior object.

If there is no easy way of doing this I would like to make a feature request. It's a really powerful tool and Corel draw had it seven years ago!

Thanks to the developers for an awesome program :).


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