Hi all,
 A quick note, the functionality of saving to a file (possibly a PDF) without setting it as document file is already there.
It's called Save a Copy... in the menu.


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Subject: [Inkscape-devel] Export workflow, template format proposals (discussion)
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On 3 April 2014 13:46, Martin Owens <doctormo@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Thu, 2014-04-03 at 11:22 +1100, Bernard Gray wrote:
>> My proposal is actually to support both these workflows - add the File
>> -> Export to... PDF menu option, but leave the "Save As... -> PDF"
>> option intact.
> Sorry I wasn't clear. This is my proposal also.
> I would not like to see a new menu item though. Exporting a specific
> type should be something the export dialog takes care of, so exporting
> to eps, pdf or something else.
> The big difference between export and save as, is that save as sets the
> document filename to this new filename and export should not.

Great, we're on the same page - I'm not fussy as to how it's
implemented in the menu.

Gimp currently provides two Export options in it's file menu,
"Export", and "Export As...":
* Export As... takes you to a file picker dialog, where you can choose
the location and format of the exported file
* If you haven't exported the document already, the "Export" button
does the same thing
* Once you have exported the document, it remembers the last file you
exported to and the "Export" button title changes to reflect this, ie
"Export to <file>.<extension>"

This would require the addition of a new menu item though. If you want
to avoid this would you prefer to just go with something similar to
the Gimp "Export As..." button/functionality?

> Martin,

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