I have put an improved patch that addresses most of the issues in launchpad


>> 1. It only works with dockable dialogs (not with Text and fonts, XML editor, etc.).

Now works with both dockable and non-dockable dialogs

>> 2. It doesn't work correctly with dialogs docked in a floating window

Docked dialogs in floating window are now remembered as open.

Currently the basic status of visible/hidden, floating/docked, size and position are saved to preferences.

However we dont save the complete docking status (such as docked above/below/left of/right of, iconified, dock in floating window etc), this patch mainly addresses the visible/hidden status of dialogs.

>> 3. The minimize status of the docked dialogs is not remembered (they are considered closed).

Iconified docked dialogs are now remembered as open, but are docked (not reiconified) on open (same as 2. above, currently no code to open a dialog as iconified)

>> 4. It doesn't restore all the locked/visible icons of the Layers dialog.

Layers icons fixed

>> 5. The status is updated when the dialog is opened or closed, and doesn't necessarily reflects the status of the last closed Inkscape window.

Saves the last windows status correctly in all the use cases i tried.

Regards, John.


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