Great news that the Windows release of 0.48.2 is finally available for download!
Thanks a lot Uwe!


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Van: "Uwe Schöler" <>
Datum: ma, aug. 15, 2011 00:03
Onderwerp: [Inkscape-devel] Inkscape 0.48.2
Aan: "Krzysztof Kosiński" <>
CC: <>, <>

Everything OKAY!
I had problems with my paths... sorry.
0.48.2 is fine now.
I'll upload it to SF


Am 14.08.2011 23:49, schrieb Krzysztof Kosiński:
> 2011/8/14 Uwe Schöler<>:
>> I've some problems creating 0.48.2 for windows. I get a couple of error
>> messages during building.
> I just checked out 0.48.2 from Bazaar in my Windows XP VM, and I
> encounter no problems when building from a source checkout with
> TDM-GCC 4.4.1. It looks like the warning emitted when compiling btool
> is irrelevant (and I don't even get the warning).
> I'm 90% sure the first error is caused by building from a tarball (you
> just need to create the required inkscape-version.cpp file manually),
> the second looks like a problem with permissions (maybe UAC is getting
> in the way?)
> Regards, Krzysztof

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