InkScape is a great, an absolutely amazing program. It has a hugeflexibility to draw all kinds of vector graphics. And its code is verymature and well developed (I guess).

I am searching for a way toimplement the features of Microsoft Visio into a OpenSource program. Iknow that the Dia project from the GNOME desktop just wants to achievethat, but Dia is even not half as good as Visio when it comes to createcharts with a minimum of work, and a maximum of flexibility. Andsecond: I am not sure how many active developers maintane the DiaProject. I guess that there are much more developers working on InkScape, than on Dia.

This are the reasons why I am now focussing on InkScape, which
1. has a huge community, which has already done a great work, and will probably do this in the future
2. has a huge flexibility in creating vector graphics, which is needed to create charts due to resize etc. stuff
3. has a nice Look&Feel; it just feels good to work with InkScape, and it is very simple and powerful to use at the same time. Dia is much harder to use.
4. is a good fundament, to build and implement new software on top of it, for example as new plug-ins

Sothis is my new idea: implement a plug-in for InkScape which imports allthe functionality, which is needed to create any kind of chart ordiagram with a minimum of work and a maximum flexibility. Just like itis possible with Visio.
Am I the first how had this idea?

Isit possible to implement a such feature? Does InkScape has already aplug-in system, or does this extra feature needs to be implemented in afork of InkScape?

I think InkScape is a solid basis to create aworking environment, which has the same (or even) better capabilitiesto compete with Microsoft Visio. For example, it should be simple tocreate a database of various predefinded icons, patterns and elements,which are just looking good (shadow, nice border, etc.). For examplethe database should contain predefined patterns for UML-diagrams, orFlow-Charts and so on.

I want to know what the InkScapedevelopers (so you guys) think of my idea. Is this the right to place to come indiscussion with the developers? Or do I have to use another mailing list?