I think pretty much all of those are calls out to Imagemagick to do the actual 'effect'
everything in the effects menu is external afaik. Someone correct me if I'm wrong there...

2008/7/24 heathenx <heathenx@gmail.com>:
I am interested in adding a couple more effects the the already existing raster effects. It's more
or less just for myself since I don't have the chops to contribute anything of value to anyone else.
I'm not sure what I'm biting off at this point. It might be easy or it might be extremely hard to
do. My coding skills are very limited (meaning I have none). Are the raster effects part of the main
source code or are they broken out into smaller "extensionized" chunks somewhere? I think modifying
an existing effect into something else might be a good starting point for me...if possible.

A "Dude, don't even attempt to try this." would be a perfectly acceptable answer for me. I'll walk
away like nothing ever happened. :)


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