Thanks for the answer, Jon. Intuos' tilt support by Inkscape is already a great feature! One more reason to buy a Intuos when I have money for it. And, with a little patience, we can get bearing support too (I didn't understand if it depends on Inkscape or Wacom drivers).


2009/11/3 Jon Cruz <>

On Nov 2, 2009, at 7:50 AM, Silvana Marques wrote:

> It's interesting to use Wacom Intuos with Inkscape if calligraphy
> tool supports tilt and bearing sensibility. I can't test it, my
> tablet is a Graphire 3. Had anyone ever tested Intuos and Inkscape
> calligraphy tool together?


The Intuos3 and Intuos4 are well supported as far as tilt and pressure
go. However the stock stylus does not also give rotation (a third
additional axis), so I don't think that has been hooked in yet.

Switching tools based on using the front or back end of the Intuos
stylus is also in 0.47, and works fairly well. I think it needs more
refinement though.

There are several people active in the community who have been using
the Intuos3, and I upgraded to an Intuos4 when they came out. So they
both are well integrated and tested with the Calligraphy tool.

After 0.47 is out, more work on enhancing input device support is

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