On Sep 18, 2006, at 8:47 AM, Alan Horkan wrote:

As Jon was saying seperating the content from the presentation is a good

idea, so conversely manually specifying the tab positioning is a bad idea

for all but the most horribly complicated extensions.  My point is that

extensions that complicated should be rare enough and complicated enough

to merit using glade and python.

Ah, but here we have a disconnect of eventual roadmap.

A base item is that regardless of the implementation details, the long-term goal is to get Inkscape to the point where the bulk of functionality is from extensions. We're trying to move to that, so the complex functionality is not to be the "rare" case, but rather should end up as the normal case.

So eventually we'll need to work out all the ways to best address the needs from both sides. Alan does a pretty good job of detailing many of the UI issues. Others focus well on the internals. However, if you have need of some of this, we can probably bump up some of it. Mainly, we have a lot of features to be implemented, and are mainly limited to areas where bodies are interested in coding.