I agree with you the talk was with Pinax and Django, but I know these have been changed to the Django-cms.
Now seeing the new framework is a better choice by far, and the work is coming along.

I say the Doc(s) have to be changed, and if need redone that is to be understood.
Leo Jackson

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On Mon, 2013-07-22 at 21:42 -0700, Ian Caldwell wrote:
> let me know if you have any questions….

I'd like to addendum to the google-docs linked previously.

They are old. Lots of the features and direction was pushed into the new
site, but those plans were made without a firm framework in place
code-wise. Thus while you can expect lots of it to be out of date,
plenty is incongruent too.

Where you see non-content (code) related items, if they're not in the
bug tracker, they're really not being counted. Add them if they're
important to the website as we want it.

Content and structure, that can easily be entered into new document(s)
with a focus on what we know we can deliver in the cms. I actually think
each of the cleaned up documents should be in a blueprint now, so
they're properly linked from the launchpad project. Having links
floating around on the mailing list is upsetting my project-zen :-D.

Best Regards, Martin OWens