I download this Inkscape Software Editor it was working good and everything and then all of a sudden from yesterday whenever I use it Runtime error came up This Application has requested to terminate it in an unusual way.
What can I do to it
I look forward for a better response
Best Regards

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From: Steve Litt <slitt@troubleshooters.com>
Subject: [Inkscape-user] Inkscape as template file
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Date: Tuesday, 22 January, 2013, 0:58

Hi all,

Inscape plus Python plus PyYaml provides a powerful tool. What you can
do is, in the Inkscape file, put @varname@ everywhere you want a
substitution token. Then, in your YAML file, you do something like this:

   name: Steve Litt
   date: 1/21/2013
   city: Orlando, Florida

Then write a very simple nested loop that, upon encountering @name@,
substitutes "Steve Litt". This can even be used to link a bitmap
graphic into an Inkscape file.

The beauty of this is it's a very generic tool. All specifics are in
the Inkscape template file and the YAML file, but the Python program
itself is generic.

This technique could actually be used with any kind of template file,
but of course this is the Inkscape mailing list.


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