You guys are killing me. D: Hopefully this... 7th iteration or so is the
lucky one (at least approach-wise)?

It still needs a lot of work, but the Youtube video and the extra comment
on guides were eye-openers, so thanks for that!

Alright, here's the deal: so far the design has either concentrated on
dialogue, or on the "base tile", and such. This new design changes the
approach (again): this new tiling tool proposal is centered directly
on a render frame (with one tile serving as "base" tile).

Now as you can see, it should be somehow possible to fit the Dynamics
onto the top-level as well. Unfortunately, I'm not as smart as the guy who
made that Youtube video, so right now I can't think of a fancy approach
to handle it all. The basic idea is that for some dynamics at least,
(namely involving position, angle, skew, size and maybe opacity and blur),
it should be possible to define them on-canvas through some trick
involving the distribution or interpolation of the various frames.

Suggestions please?