Interesting solution too !

De : Jon Cruz <>
À : Jasper van de Gronde <>
Cc :
Envoyé le : Mardi 24 janvier 2012 17h34
Objet : Re: [Inkscape-devel] Re : Re : Re : Merging Export and Create bitmap

On Jan 24, 2012, at 7:20 AM, Jasper van de Gronde wrote:

> Indeed, and "not taking into account the background" is exactly that
> behaviour. Basically "export to bitmap" gives you a bitmap version of
> the entire drawing, while "make bitmap copy" gives you a bitmap version
> of some object (which naturally does not contain a background).

I was thinking that for clarity in the UI, one might go with "Duplicate as bitmap" instead of "Create bitmap copy" to compliment the existing "Duplicate" menu item. Then "Copy as bitmap" could be the other choice that goes to clipboard.

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