It would be very interesting to see what gradient meshes do with color opacity !


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Objet : Re: [Inkscape-devel] Mesh Gradients

On Jul 31, 2011, at 1:33 AM, Jasper van de Gronde wrote:

> Neither :) Both have their strengths and weaknesses. In general
> diffusion curves as currently defined have more of a tendency "to do the
> right thing" and are WAY easier to handle. On the other hand, mesh
> gradients (especially tensor product patches) give more control. Now,
> there are some ideas floating around to enhance diffusion curves to the
> point where there might be little benefit to using meshes, but even so,
> given practical considerations and the wide spread use of meshes it will
> no doubt be useful to support meshes as well.
> Also, keep in mind that diffusion curves are relatively new and there
> are still some issues in rendering them (it should be possible, but so
> far no renderer has been made, that I'm aware of, that is both fast and
> accurate). Also, while they often "do the right thing" there are some
> definite issues with non-color boundaries (the current solution is
> definitely not optimal) and they can have the tendency to over-smooth
> certain images.

Also keep in mind visual issues.

In all the examples I have seen, diffusion curves have had a distinct, if sometimes subtle, unique look to them. Something akin to looking at a watercolor and being able to say "the artists used watercolors to do this painting".

I've not seen the same for general gradient meshes.

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