the file : is importing the following python modules:

import inkex, simplestyle, tempfile, os, re, subprocess

I think we should focus on inkex and simplestyle, because the other are installed by default.

If you have "ipython" installed try opening ipython and write down:
import inkex

import simplestyle

if any of these fails (or both) try "easy_install package", like "easy_install inkex"

In case you don't have ipython, you can write a with those imports and execute it with python to see what is failing to import, and easy_install them.

Please, message your system errors and say what OS are you using and everything else so I can help you further.


El lun, 25-10-2010 a las 17:25 +0200, ~suv escribió:
On 25/10/10 17:12, John Culleton wrote:
> There is an output option for Inkscape 48 called PDF em CMYK. It is 
> not covered in any of the books. When I select it I get a popup window 
> written in  Portugese. If I save it anyhow I get warning messages.
> Is there an English language explanation of this feature? 
> Do I need to load additional software?

"PDF em CMYK" is not part of the official Inkscape 0.48 release (nor of
the development version from trunk) - it seems that you installed an
extension from the Brazilian Inkscape site mentioned in an earlier
thread (in inkscape-devel):

Inkscape Brasil :: Extensão para exportação de PDF em CMYK:

See also the related topic in
New inkscape extension: Export PDF in CMYK and TIFF in CMYK

hth, ~suv

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