Sorry for my late reply, my connection was broken for about one week...

About Image primitive in filters it's not completely implemented and thus I avoided to use it in any filters I designed for 0.47.


De : Joshua A. Andler <>
À : inkscape-devel <>
Envoyé le : Vendredi, 14 Août 2009, 14h06mn 51s
Objet : [Inkscape-devel] Feature Freeze!!!

Hey all,

We're in the final stretch! Given that I am the only Release Warden, I
will have to modify a release rule if no one objects... this is the
Release Wardens only can commit rule. I would like to extend the ability
to commit to buliabyak and JonCruz during this period to ensure that I
won't slow things down too much.

Translators, please work toward finalizing your translations for this

Packagers, we should hopefully have a pre2 tarball soon (yes, that means
you're getting an email Ted)... when we do, please package things at
your first opportunity so we can ensure that any potential packaging
issues are ironed out.

Would anyone like to volunteer for fixing make distcheck? Last I was
aware of, it was failing.

I'd like to see us branch on Sept 1, and hopefully release about 2 weeks
after that.

For now, on with the freeze! The list below was taken from the
pre-freeze discussion. Thanks to everyone for all your work getting us
this far, just a little bit further to the finish line!


307195 “crash with two inkscape instances when changing layer”
346721 “Segfault after opening scripts dialog”
406470 “Crash when trying to save as PDF”
399604 “'malloc: *** error' after changing numeric precision to 1 or 2”
397075 “Inkscape crashes adding image effect in filter editor.”


382313 “Image Filter broken for external images.”
* Given all of the filter magic this release, seems important.

389130 “Inkscape PNG transparency display appearance does not match
export and other standard applications”
* This seems like a blocker when our one bitmap export has issues.

388257 “Inkscape 0.47Pre: PDF/PS Export 'Text to Paths' gives
inconsistent results”

190557 “resize of object or group by entering a numeric size results in
a different size.”
* We have many precision issues that have persisted for a long time,
I don't know that this is the time to fix this. Perhaps a goal for
an upcoming release would be to make our precision... precise. :) I
nominate to drop as a blocker.

===Platform Specific===

390024 “raster image extensions fail on osx: missing ImageMagick config

373514 “No Script Console on Mac OS X”
* Maybe just a release note rather than make a blocker.

===Nominated for removal for release===

179452 “export to in dev version”
* Unless someone can step up, it's probably best to disable for 0.47.

319107 “Jabber whiteboard doesn't work”
* Remove configure flag until someone actively works on again.

397872 “Auto-palette doesn't refresh until another color is added”
* This is nominated to be ifdef'd out for the release if JonCruz does
not have time to fix.



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