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An e-mail (summarised below) has been blocked at the BT e-mail gateway because it contained an attachment of a potentially dangerous type or a computer virus.

Date/Time:       "09 Oct 2005 16:59:18"
From:              ""
Subject:           "[Inkscape-user] failure notice"
Blocked file:     "[Message Body]"
Virus Name:     "Generic Malware.a!zip"

BT Employees: If there is a legitimate business requirement for this e-mail, please ask the originator to re-send it. You must advise them to follow the special instructions, which you will find at this location for re-sending e-mail of this type. They should also ensure that the e-mail is virus-free.

More information on blocked attachments can be found at

Please do not reply to this email. Thank you.

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