I have gone ahead and created an identity on deviantART (http://deviantart.com) for Inkscape (which is http://inkscape.deviantart.com ).


First off, it’s plain jane in the moment... but will look snazzier as of tomorrow...


I had two things in mind when creating it...

1) I wanted to have an inkscape account where we can have links to peoples inkscape work on DA (essentially a central hub for IS on there)

2) I also wanted a place where we can potentially have people submit artwork/icons etc for the actual inkscape project. (since we apparently now have raw icon theme-ing in place)


A limitation on the inkscape group is that for anyone that is involved with administration of it or a “member” of that group, we can not choose to make any of their personal artwork a group favorite. It’s a stupid limitation but I can understand the rules... they don’t want self-promotion through groups. But this is easy to resolve as it’s really more of a communal place to hang out as opposed to a “club” or something (unless that’s what people want).


For those unfamiliar with DA, it lives up to the name and a significant portion of the work posted there is “devious” by some nature. We will do everything in our power to make the inkscape group as clean as possible and will never link to anything depraved or tasteless as well as most likely not anything containing nudity either. Given the slight potential for that being an issue, I think this is too good of a place to show off inkscape to pass up... given that it’s the largest art community on the net.


To get the ball rolling, if you are a member of DA and interested in this, please reply on the user-list (or directly to me via email if you prefer) with your DA username or a link to your gallery. My current goal is to have a good assortment of artwork to refer people to when we make the announcement about the next release in a few weeks. If you aren’t a member on DA and use inkscape for anything even relatively creative... what are you waiting for? =)


I will post a few favorites tonight of inkscape work I’ve run across on DA so far, so... the page should start looking a bit more interesting this evening.