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Version released


- chiphead
- added 3.0.6j encryption
- updated ignition.cfg with latest clients
- mamaich
- fixed UOTD support

Posted by Wayne Hogue 2002-01-28

Cersion is Released

Version fixes a few more bugs and adds support for 3.0.6h patch 100 T2A clients.


- chiphead
- client 3.0.6e sends a new extended command 0x0f(15), we just eat
this command so the server dont complain.
- added support for 3.0.6g patch 99 T2A client
- Dasc:
- added a pause after dress/undress command. New syntax is:
dress identifier [pause in milisecs]
- mamaich:
- UO.Say and UO.Press have been tested on Win95 with client 2.0.0b
and are working now.

Posted by Wayne Hogue 2001-12-27

Version is out!

This version fixes the runebook code so it should work on more servers.

Also adds support for the latest clients.

Remember, you can run the latest client Injection supports on ANY server, just select the encryption for the client version you server expects and you are good to go.

Posted by Wayne Hogue 2001-12-20

Version released

This release fixes some bugs introduced in 0.3.30

Posted by Wayne Hogue 2001-12-14

New version 0.3.30 released

This release includes logging to help us debug crashes and to help avoid crashes caused by bugs in various clients.

v 0.3.30

- mamaich:
- again, bugfixes in script.dll
- fixed (?) a bug when too many injection windows popped up at start
- added command ",usefromground type [color]". It will look for objects
in 3 squares near you and will attempt to double click them.
If it writes that no objects found - try to use ".resync" on sphere.
- added ",waittargetground type [color]". The same idea.
- added command UO.CountGround(type[,color]) to scripts to count items
in 3 squares around you laying on ground. Use UO.Say(".resync") to
force sphere server to send information about items on ground.
The *ground commands were not tested on servers other than sphere.
- now injection writes crash information to the log file and tries
to continue client execution. It also records client state on hang
- fixed a bug introduced in previous version. Client crashed when
encryption was turned off.
- fixed the main client crash reason introduced after adding script.dll
- UO.Say(...) still don't work on 9x... read more

Posted by Wayne Hogue 2001-12-13

New Version 0.3.29 is released

Injection now supports 3.0.5 encryption! Also been updated to work with client 3.0.6a (the lastest)

Big thanks go out to:

Mamaich who figured out the new encryption and got it all working with injection.

Lord Binary who supplied a modified sniffy module that helped in cracking the new encryption and supplying info on UO encryption.

An anonymous encryption guru that identidied twofish as the current UO encryption.

Posted by Wayne Hogue 2001-12-10

Project Created

This project is intended to be a free replacement for UOAssist. Downloads available soon...

Posted by Luke Dunstan 2001-07-02

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