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Inicrond 3.3.2 20060113 is out!!

The new version of Inicrond is now out. You can check the changes in the changelog.

Posted by Sébastien Boisvert 2006-01-14

CVS source tree

The cvs source tree is now on sourceforge too!!!. Now I have to make a branch for inicrond_3_3_x for the cvs export to happe. inicrond 3.3.1 will be out shortly.


Posted by Sébastien Boisvert 2005-09-17

inicrond-3.2.3 release date

inicrond-3.2.3 will be available on sunday, august 28, 2005.

Posted by Sébastien Boisvert 2005-08-24

inicrond 3.2.1

inicrond 3.2.1 is out. See the changelog for all the changes. Many bugs have been fixed and a code clean-up have been done. The big code clean-up was done in the 3.2.0 release. inicrond is faster than before because I now use single quote for almost all strings. php does not interpolate variables within single quoted strings. --sebhtml

Posted by Sébastien Boisvert 2005-06-14

New translation

The english translation will be available in the 3.1.7 release that will be out probably on the next week.

Posted by Sébastien Boisvert 2005-05-26

Release of 3.1.4 on 2005-04-16

The version 3.1.3 of inicrond contains a bug that make the installation impossible. This bug will be corrected in the next release on april 16, 2005. I am trully sorry for the incovenience.

Posted by Sébastien Boisvert 2005-04-09

Very old releases available

All the old release I made before switching to sourceforge are now on the site.

Posted by Sébastien Boisvert 2005-02-17

inicrond 3.0.3 is out

There is a bug when you install it, you have to create a nobody account and put the SUID field to another account...

Posted by Sébastien Boisvert 2005-02-14

3.0.2 is stable and available

The 3.0.2 version of inicrond offers a forum. See the change log for more informations.

Posted by Sébastien Boisvert 2005-01-30

release of inicrond 3.0.0

I took all the module from inicrond and integrated them in kovistaz and renamed kovistaz in inicrond.

Posted by Sébastien Boisvert 2005-01-20

Tracker system modified

The Bugs tracker is now divided in 2 trackers, one for inicrond and one for kovistaz.
The Feature requests is now divided in 2 trackers, one for inicrond and one for kovistaz.
The patch tracker has been removed.

Posted by Sébastien Boisvert 2005-01-12

kovistaz-2.9.5 released

kovistaz 2.9.5 has been released, see the changelog.

Posted by Sébastien Boisvert 2005-01-12

kovistaz 2.9.4 and inicrond 2.20.3 are available!!!

I uploaded those src-files on this server. The bug tracker, the feature request and the support tracker are available. The project are under CVS, but no on the cvs server of because I have telephonic connection to the Internet.

Posted by Sébastien Boisvert 2005-01-10

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