Inguma 0.0.5: Brute forcing and password cracking

The latest version of Inguma (0.0.5) have been released with many fixes and new modules. The following are the most important changes and updates:

* Added the module "firetest" to test firewall configurations.
* Added module "brutessh" to brute force SSH servers.
* Added module "bruteora" to brute force Oracle servers. It will check for every (commonly) possible user or for an specified user.
* Added a tool to crack MD5 hashes using freely available rainbow tables.
* Added module "sidguess" to guess the SID of an Oracle Database instance.
* _*Initial*_ shellcode support. See the SIDVault remote root exploit and $INGUMA_DIR/lib/ for details. x86 support with InlineEgg. Thanks you Gera!
* Added one exploit for the vulnerability in SYS.LT.FINDRICSET (Oracle CPU Oct. 2007).
* Added a password cracker for Oracle11g.
* Added a password cracker for MS SQL Server 7 and 2000.
* Enhanced the Oracle PL/SQL Fuzzer. Now, if you redirect the output only the vulnerabilities found are logged, all the rest of the output are written to stderr.

Posted by Joxean Koret 2007-10-20

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