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New Inguma version enhancing vulnerability research

Inguma 0.0.3 have been released and lot of work have been done. In that version you will found a disassembler (with special support for x86 and AVR) that makes easier the life of a security researcher when doing an static analysis of a commercial closed source product.

Also, in the krash directory, you will notice that a general purpose automatic "token based" fuzzer have been added with various sample packets.

New in the toolkit are many new simple libraries that will make easier the task of writting new exploits and fuzzers for various protocols.

Needs to say (Hi guy!) that the Oracle PL/SQL fuzzer have been updated and, of course, it continues finding "problems" in the "Fortune 500" favourite database.

A bunch of brute forcers, such as one for SMB/CIFS compatibles servers (such as Samba), have been added to the toolkit.

Read the README, ./dis/README and ./krash/README directories for more information.

Posted by Joxean Koret 2007-09-06

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