FF support for NTSC

Jim Bird
  • Jim Bird

    Jim Bird - 2010-11-01

    Is it possible to add FF support for NTSC?
    We need to capture VITC info.  I believe it only supports 720 x 486 currently.

  • John Fletcher

    John Fletcher - 2010-11-02

    Which Ingex (Archive or Studio) and what recording format do you want to use?

  • Jim Bird

    Jim Bird - 2010-11-02

    We're using studio, creating uncompressed YUV wrapped in mxf atom, and also a DV Quicktime file as the secondary file.

  • Jim Bird

    Jim Bird - 2011-08-06

    Hi John,
    Any update on this? 
    Thank you,

  • John Fletcher

    John Fletcher - 2011-08-06

    Sorry for lack of response.  I take it that you have discontinuous VITC that you want to record in addition to continuous LTC?  In Ingex Studio we only record a start timecode; there is no per-frame timecode in the files.  I guess that is why you want to capture the full raster to include the VITC line(s).  I'll have to ask a colleague about whether this is possible.

  • Jim Bird

    Jim Bird - 2011-08-06

    Actually, we just need to preserve the vertical interval.
    There is data in the vertical interval that the client wants to save.
    we do not need VITC data in the mxf, LTC will be fine for that.

  • John Fletcher

    John Fletcher - 2011-08-08

    It looks as though DVS have

    SV_MODE_NTSCFF       /* ntsc         720x502 29.97hz Interlaced        */

    But it isn't enabled in standard driver/license.  Maybe you could ask DVS about this?

  • Jim Bird

    Jim Bird - 2011-08-31

    I just got Beta driver version with userdef_lucy.ref which now supports NTSCFF.
    When I setup my ingex.conf with NTSCFF, and then start Ingex, I get an error message - Video mode NTSCFF not supported.
    I'm assuming there are other changes I have to make to support that mode?

  • John Fletcher

    John Fletcher - 2011-09-01

    That sounds promising.  Yes, the Ingex code would need to be updated to support that video format.
    You could add NTSC_502 to VideoRaster.h and then look for occurrences of NTSC and make provision for NTSC_502.  I suspect quite a few other changes will be needed as well.
    I'll also try to get hold of that driver/SDK version.

  • John Fletcher

    John Fletcher - 2011-10-05

    Just doing a bit of work on this.

  • John Fletcher

    John Fletcher - 2011-10-14

    I have added code to support the extended VBI formats PAL_592, PAL_608 and NTSC_502.

    Centaurus card didn't seem to work too well (SDK with userdef_lucy.ref) - extra lines below image instead of above and containing garbage video.
    Atomix LT card (SDK seems fine and doesn't need a userdef.ref file.


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